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Q> Is there anything else I will need to purchase from NFIT.ORG besides the Training Manual?
A> Absolutely not! There are no "add-on" products or scams here! NFIT.ORG prides itself on being the leader in Field Inspector training and marketing. NFIT's manual contains everything you will need to start a successful and profitable business.

Q> What type of skills do I need to become a Field Inspector?
A> Very basic computer and photography skills.

Q> Can I do this anywhere? .
A> YES. You don't have to stay in your hometown. You can service your surrounding cities, or even states. You are not limited to where,or how many, assignments you accept as long as you can complete them in a timely fashion. Normally, you are given 3-5 business days to complete each assignment.

Q> How am I paid and how often?
A> You will be paid usually by mail from each company every time you finish an assignment.

Q> How do I get employment once I have finished your training manual?
A> NFIT.ORG provides you with the names and contact information for over 100 national firms that have a constant and growing need for trained Field Representatives throughout the United States. Each of these firm's clients also include thousands of insurance and banking institutions all over the world. Once you complete the training manual, NFIT.ORG will show you the proper way to contact them and tell them you are accepting assignments!

Q> Are taxes taken out of my paycheck?
A> No, you are considered an independent contractor and no taxes are taken out of your paycheck.

QHow hard is it to get started?
A>  Once you complete the manual, we will help you create an introduction letter containing your contact information, what types of assignments you are willing to accept and what areas you are wanting to cover. You will fax or email this to the companies that NFIT.ORG provides in the manual. These companies are always needing new representatives and will be eager to talk with you.

Q> How soon before I can start making money?
A> After contact is made with companies you have decided to work for, you can allow 7-14 days to go through thier system and start getting assignments. You will be given 3-5 days to complete the assignment and you will be paid by mail by the individual company once you complete the assignment.

Q> What type of equipment will I need to get started?
A> You will need transportation, access to a computer, a phone, a 35mm or digital camera (even a disposable is fine), a measuring tape, and flashlight.

Q> How do I dress for assignments? .
A>On most assignments you will have little or no contact with others. Jeans and a nice shirt are quite acceptable.

Q> What if I have questions after I purchase your manual?
A> NFIT.ORG wants you to be successful in the Field Inspector industry. You will receive unlimited email support from our knowledgeable staff no matter what the question.

Q> How long will it take to receive my manual?
A> NFIT.ORG will immediately download a link for your Training Manual after your payment is made.

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