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Equipment needed

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The basic equipment needed for a Field Inspector are as follows.

Reliable transportation- Once you have decided what city or area you want to work in, you will be asked to go everywhere in that area. You will need reliable transportation if you are going to be doing 20 to 30 different inspections a day!

Access to a computer- You don't have to own a computer, just have access to one. A friend , family member, or even your local library has online usage for free. We have web sites where you can advertise for FREE! Plus, from our online Resource Directory, you can literally reach thousands of clients!

     So, to take full advantage of our powerfull and effective FREE advertising and client list, it would help your Field Inspection business succeed that much quicker if you had access to a computer.

Phone- Most people have a phone. It doesn't need to be a cell phone. But a way that your clients can get a hold of you for your assignments.

Camera- Preferrably a 35mm. Nothing fancy, even the throw-away types are okay. Digital is tops only because the turnaround time is instantaneous. Your clients will almost always want some photos with the inspection. Many Field Inspectors invest in a fairly in-expensive digital camera that comes with a printer they take with them in the field. This way they fill in the report, include the photos the client asked for, and they are done. Most start off with the in-expensive 35mm and once they get thier business rolling they invest in more time-saving digital models.

Measuring tape & flashlight- Most clients will want to know measurements. Sizes of certain things, how far something is from something else, etc. You may have to stick your head in areas that are not that well lit-bring a flashlight to help yourself out.

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